Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Млечна Салата / Yogurt Salad

Знам, знам :) и децата са наясно как се приготвя Млечна салата, но все пак - ето я и моята версия... 

I know, I know :) even the kids are aware of how the Yogurt Salad should be prepared, but anyway - here's my version also...

Необходими продукти:

400 г изцедено кисело мляко
3 с.л. зехтин
1 с.л. прясно изцеден сок от лимон
1 ч.л. сол
2-3 скилидки чесън, пресован
2 с.л. копър, ситно накълцан
1 по-голяма краставица
Листа от свежа салата, китайско зеле или салата Айсберг
¼ чаша ситно нарязани (или смлени) орехи
Стръкче копър
Резенче лимон или домат


400 g drained yogurt
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons dill, finely chopped
1 large cucumber
Leaves of fresh Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage or Iceberg Lettuce
¼ cup finely chopped (or ground) walnuts
Sprig of dill
Slice of lemon or tomato

Начин на приготвяне:

Обелваме и нарязваме краставицата на дребни кубчета. Добавяме към изцеденото кисело мляко и разбъркваме. Добавяме зехтина, лимоновия сок, солта, пресования чесън и накълцания на ситно копър и разбъркваме. Разпределяме по листата зелена салата и аранжираме с резенчето домат или  лимон и стръкчето копър. Поръсваме с орехи непосредствено преди сервиране.


Peel the Cucumber and dice finely. Add to the drained yogurt and mix. Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, minced garlic and finely chopped dill and mix. Spread the yogurt mixture onto Lettuce Leaves and arrange a slice of tomato or lemon and sprig of dill. Sprinkle with finely chopped walnuts right before serving.


  1. Oh wow that looks really delicious. I love the way you present it. It is beautiful. It sounds really fresh and yummy :)

  2. I saw something like this on TV, but your salad looks so much better with yogurt! Nice!

  3. That looks so yummy and fresh!

  4. Love your presentation! The concept of your salad reminds me of tzatziki sauce which I adore. Thank you for sharing ^_^

  5. Oh it's so delicious! We call this Taratur - a definite fave of mine!

  6. What a beautiful salad , looks amazing....I am big salad fan...just made raw kale :)

  7. Thanks Tes, this salad is quite common over here :) and it's really easy and tasty...

    Sandra, thank you! That's been prepared for a special dinner, but even just mixed in a bowl :) the salad is still tasty...

    Many thanks, Dimah :)

    Mateja :) thanks!! I haven't heard of that sause up tp now and it's almost the same indeed :) just our salad requires drained yogurt and is quite thic...

    Thanks, Kate!! We have "TaratOr" also as you guess, just it is a kind of a cold soup over here - with the same ingredients and some water added... And we are also used to call this salad "Dry Tarator" :)

    Irena, thnaks!! I am a big salad fen also :) and your raw kale and rosemary beef looks really delicious :)

  8. Hi, I have just discovered your wonderful blog while looking for this dill sauce/salad a Bulgarian friend served me once! I see I have finally found the perfect way to use the tons of dill growing on my balcony! This post is quite old, but I hope I still can ask you a small question: do you use standard yogurt or something closer to what is called kefir in certain countries (sour milk)?. I love using sour milk instead of yogurt, hence my question... Congratulations for beautiful photos and delicious recipes!

  9. @Sissi

    Sissi, thank you for your kind words!!

    I always use just and only plain yogurt (quite known as greek yogurt also), and anything else - and merely drain it.

    I'd be glad to be of help :) the salad is absolutely delicious and very favourite at home...

    P.S. Oh,and :) do you know that if you add some cold water to the yogurt, instead draining it and use the same ingredients - you would get a lovely cold soup???

    Cheers :))

  10. @Angellove's Cooking
    Thank you very much for this answer and the soup advice! I'll certainly try out the soup version when it gets really hot! In the meantime I'll let you know how I managed with the salad when I finally make it!

  11. I am totally impressed with this recipe! It tastes exactly like the cucumber and yogurt salad I've been served in many middle eastern restaurants. When I wrote up my shopping list, I neglected to write down how many cucumbers to purchase. As a result, I only bought two. The only change I made was to lighten up a bit on the mint, and it turned out just fine.


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