Monday, February 7, 2011

Tikvenik aka Phyllo Pumpkin Pie with Turkish Delight & Blog Awards Sharing - Part II / Тиквеник с локум & Споделяне на награди - част II

I will start my post backwards :)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've been lucky to get a lovely bunch of gorgeous blog awards from so dear food blogging friends and I'd like on my turn to shere these awards ;) finally...

The unique Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award that I've got from the award creator :) Sandra @ Welcome to Sandra's easy Cooking and from Elisabeth @ Food and thrift finds, I have shared mostly with my Bulgarian blogging mates, as most of my foreign ones :) have already got that...

Now I'd like to share this Sunshine Award, I've had the honour to get twice from my Bulgarian friends - 

Thank you Nanita!!! Your award has been the first one I have got and it will be always special for me!!!

Thank you Marieta!!! Your award means really a lot to me!!!

Now I'd like to share these sunny blog awards with all my foodie friends abroad... 

Thank you all - girls :) and guys, for letting me be a part of that wonderful community and being able to enjoy your amazing culinary achievements and for supporting me with your comments and advises!!!   I am happy to share this rays of sunshine with:

briarrose @ Flour Dusted
Elisabeth @ Food and thrift finds  
KimberlyKimba's Kitchen
Kristi @ Mother Rimmy's  
ravienomnoms @ RavieNomNoms Blog
Veronica @ Quay Po Cooks

Thank you all again and if you like, please share the award with your foodie friends :) too...

И също така бих искала, с наградата, която Elisabeth @ Food and thrift finds беше така щедра да ми дари, да върна жеста на момичетата, които внесоха слънчице в настроението ми посред зима с наградите си :)

Тази малка награда, но :) от сърце е за:

Нанита @ Nanita  

Благодаря ви за вниманието, Нанита  и Мариета!!! Невероятни сте!!

И ако ви е приятно, моля споделете тази награда с други ваши приятели...

And now let's get back to the Tikvenik :)) ...and  my terrible pictures...

This is actually a phyllo pumpkin pie, very common within the region :) and veeeeery, very tasty!! There are plenty of  Tikvenik recipes over here and plenty of ways to prepare it, but I have decided to make my Tikvenik with Turkish delight and walnuts :)... Prepared that way, the pie is not so fluffy, but is so rich and yummy!!


For the pie:

1 package phyllo dough (400 g)

For the filling:

1 kg pumpkin, peeled, seedless and grated
1 cup walnuts, chopped
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil (or any other vegetable oil)
3 tablespoons corn semolina
10 g (1 package) cinnamon
1 tablespoons Vanilla extract
3 tablespoons dark rum
150-200 g Turkish delight, finely diced

For the icing (optional):

2-3 tablespoons icing sugar

Необходими продукти:
За тиквеника:

1 опаковка фини кори (400 г)

За пълнежа:

1 кг сурова тиква, обелена, почистена и настъргана
1 чаша орехи, нарязани
1 чаша захар
1/2 чаша олио
3 с.л. царевичен грис 
1 пакетче канела (10 г)
1 капсула ванилия или 2-3 прахчета
3 с.л. ром
150-200 г локум, нарязан на дребни кубчета

За поръсване (по желание):
2-3 с.л. пудра захар


Preheat oven to 360F.

Line up a large round baking pan with baking paper or grease well and sprinkle with flour.

In a large bowl mix together grated pumpkin, chopped walnuts, sugar, oil, dark rum, cornstarch, cinnamon and vanilla.

Count up the number of the phyllo sheets and (optionaly) divide the pumpkin mixture, so there would be equal quantity for each of the sheets - but it usually takes about 1/2 pumpkin mixture cup for a sheet.

Spread evenly about 1/2 cup of the pumpkin mixture over the first phyllo sheet and place 5-7 dices Turkish delight in the first 1/2 part of the sheet.

Using a rolling pin, roll the sheet - leaving pumpkin spread side inside the roll.

Push together to the center both ends of the rolled phyllo - to wrinkle it, as it is onto the pin.

Together with the pin, move the wrinkled roll to the pan and slip it off, placing it into the center of the baking pan and form it into a snail shape.

Repeat the steps with the remaining phyllo sheets, putting any next one closely to the previous.
Once the pan is full, sprinkle (optionaly) with the icing sugar.

Bake in the preheated to 360F oven for about 40-45 minutes or until deep golden brown. Remove and let cool for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Tikvenik could be served either warm or cooled - it is always delicious :)


  1. Честити награди! :-)
    Да си призная не си падам по тиквеник, но твоят ме изкуши :-) Изглежда приказно! Вълшебни снимки!

    Спорна и усмихната седмица :-)

  2. Благодаря, Милена!! Аз :)) никакси ама не си харесвам снимките - осветлението ми играеше нещо номера и горкото ми тиквениче изглежда така неугледно :) и мрачно - добре поне, че беше вкусно...

  3. Мина, направо не мога да стоя повече пред тези невероятно изкушаващи снимки! Обичам много тиквеник, а твоят е поднесен по невероятен начин и съм сигурна, че е убийствен на вкус!

    Трогната съм от прекрасната награда, съвсем скоро ще я споделя с още приятели!
    Хубава вечер!

  4. Залепнах за монитора от този тиквеник! Невероятен :)
    Честити награди, Мина :)

  5. Ако този тиквеник не изглежда добре,
    не знам как трябва да изглежда хубав тиквеник!
    А и с добавката на локум....
    Поздравления, Мина и
    слънчева седмица!

  6. Thanks so much for the award, you are so sweet :)! Your pumpkin pie looks awesome! The filo must give the outside a wonderful texture, and the walnuts and all sounds heavenly!

  7. Mina-your Turkish Delight is a heavenly delight!
    So unique and a work of art, so amazing, and exquisite with the walnuts and the rum!

    I appreciate so much for including me in your special sunshine award from your Bulgarian friend. I will sure to pass this, and other awards too, that I have received.
    Thank you so much. You are a true friend!

  8. Oh, my!!! What a fabulous dessert...I love the whole wrinkle and spiral technique...very cool!

    And thanks SO much for the Sunshine Award...I am truly touched by your recognition. THANKS, Mina!!!

  9. Thank you for the Sunshine Award, I really appreciate you thinking of me. Your dessert sounds so good and I think the pictures are great! I haven't worked much with phyllo but you've piqued my interest.

  10. First let me thank you for remembering me and including me for this award among those amazing bloggers. I am honored! Second your pie is just amazing, my grandma use to make something like you did with cheese. Love love your photos!
    Thanks again Mina!

  11. Congratulations on all your awards and thank you so much for thinking of me with the sunshine award, I am honored, especially to be in such a great group of bloggers!
    Now lets talk about your Phyllo pumpkin pie, it looks amazing...I would never have thought of using phyllo, and then how you put it together is something I have never seen before..what a unique way to build a pie...I love it!
    Hope your have a great week

  12. Thank you for the Sunshine Award. That was so sweet of you. :)

    This pie looks incredible. I love that you added in Turkish delight. Want to taste it....looks so so good.

  13. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing with me :)
    Your phyllo pumpkin pie looks so amazing. It sounds creamy and delicious :)

  14. That pumpkin pie looks divine. I suppose a few layers of phyllo dough always help out, though ... and of course guys like receiving sunshine awards; we're just not used to being called sunshiney!

  15. Congrats on receiving the Sunshine Award and many thanks for thinking of me and pass the award to me. I appreciate it very much. Your phyllo pumpkin pie looks so yummy and thanks for taking the time to include the step by step picture instruction.

  16. Oh My! Never mind about the picture, it just perfectly fine! I know this fillo pumpkin pie must be great! hhmmm... yummy! and thx for the award, you are so sweet ^_^

  17. Congrats on the award and thanks so much for sending it along to me! You made my day! :-)

  18. I love your Turkish Delight. What a terrific combination of pumpkin, walnuts and rum. Truly delightful!

    You deserve an award. It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog and see what your're cooking up. Thank you so much for thinking of me and passing your award along.


  19. Thank you for the award Mina! You made my mouth water just looking at the picture. Would it be OK if I use apples or cherries instead of pumpkin? Thank you for sharing :)

  20. Hi Mateja, you are welcome :)!! You could use apples for sure and then you could add raisins also - they perfectly complete the taste. And even I haven't ever tried cherries for this kind of pie, I guess they are fine too, as well as any other fruits you like, :) just that wouldn't be named Tikvenik anymore :)) which is not a problem at all...

  21. Mina..thank you so much for the wonderful award...little sunshine in my day:)
    Your recipe looks absolutely amazing....fantastic job:)

  22. Милена, Мариета, Еос, Дани - БЛАГОДАРЯ ВИ мили момичета!!!! Невероятни сте!!!

    Amy, Elisabeth, Lizzy, Sandra :) and Sandra, Chef Dennis, briarrose, Tes, Rich, Veronica, Indonesian In Turkey, ravienomnoms, Kristi, Mateja - THANK YOU ALL!! It is such a pleasure to know you!!!

  23. First off I want to say Thank You for reading my blog and giving me an award...that means so much to me! I'm so honored!
    Secondly, I LOVE this tikvenik! It looks amazing and I know the taste is out of this world.

  24. Thank you for the award! I feel sooooooooooooooo honored! I will give you an official shout out in my next post. I hope your week is going well!!!! (And I would love to have a piece of this pie right now!)

  25. I think that this recipe would take me a little bit more time than the others I have seen on your blog, but I think it would be worth of it

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